gastric band hypnotherapy

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Feel Fuller Eating Smaller Portions of Food with the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Programme.

I am a fully licensed and approved Hypno-Band practitioner and was one of the first therapists offering this treatment back in 2010.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a weight loss programme that combines the proven therapy technique of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) combined with Clinical Hypnosis principles to help to convince your mind that you have a gastric band fitted. This can help you to feel fuller quicker and be more satisfied with smaller portions of food enabling you to consume less calories during any given day.

Although every individual has their own specific “issues and problems” surrounding their over-eating habits, people who are really committed to losing weight and understand that they need to make some changes in their lives, can definitely succeed with this programme.

How does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy work?

The Gastric Band Hypnotherapy techniques work by helping you to eat smaller portions of food and feel fuller for longer.

Over the course of a number of sessions you will learn new eating habits using a combination of Clinical Hypnosis and CBT and your mind will also be “re-programmed” to believe that your stomach is much smaller and therefore you will feel fuller quicker.

Unlike ordinary dieting approaches, gastric band hypnotherapy helps you to make “internal” changes to your relationship with food and by changing this relationship you can “take control” and stop Yo-Yo dieting.

Am I Suitable for Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

If you have lost control of your eating, and want to lose weight then the techniques used in the gastric band hypnotherapy system can almost certainly help in a controlled and consistent way, however, the gastric band hypnotherapy system can NOT make you change without you really wanting to change and it is critically important that you REALLY want to become slimmer.

How Much Does It Cost?

The full five session course of Gastric Band Hypnotherapy with me costs £495

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